The Widow Chronicles Pt. 6

Hi!  Iโ€™m Hannah and my husband died.  Most of you already know that story.  If you donโ€™t, you can click here to catch up!  Today, I am sharing my unprofessional, yet very experienced advice on the things you should do just before or right after getting married so that when (not if) you or your spouse die, your life doesnโ€™t have to become a huge mess like mine did.

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The Widow Chronicles Pt. 5

I’m starting this week’s blog with a disclaimer. There is no right or wrong way to honor someone’s passing, to remember someone on the day they passed, or to celebrate the day that they entered heaven. Everyone does this differently and I really don’t feel like there is anybody out there that can tell you whether you’re doing that right or wrong. So, this week I don’t have advice for you on how to commemorate a day that is so significant, but also so fragile. Instead, Iโ€™m going to be open with you about why this day is something that I struggle with.

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The Widow Chronicles Pt. 4

The Supporter

You made it!

This week in the blog, we are discussing how we can become the best supporters possible for the people in our lives. You may ask, “Hannah, why did you use photos of your dog with this week’s blog?” Well, what better supporter is there than man’s best friend?! (Plus, he’s the most precious thing in the world, so why not?) Truly, we can all learn from each other when it comes to lifting one another out of dark places. I hope this week brings new knowledge to you and you are able to use it to be an even more beautiful light in the lives of others!

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