The Year of the Giver Pt. 2

Happy Birthday, Zachary

Photograph by Studio Heather Marie

What better gift could be given than a best friend?  I’m talking about someone you can fully rely on, someone who chases your dreams with you, someone who does everything in their power to give you the means to do what you love…

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The Year of the Giver

Part 1 – The Book of Job

I just started my twenty-sixth year.  My birthday was two weeks ago and for the last month or so, I wondered if and what I would write for my birthday.  Well, as you know, I shared the story of my dog, Thor on my actual birthday and then took the week of and the week after my birthday off.  I wasn’t sure what to write about and didn’t really even know if I wanted to address my birthday in my writing.

Photography by Studio Heather Marie
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Thor, the Doggo

Photo by Kayla D. Good Photography

In case you’re confused, this story is not about the god of thunder.  It’s actually about my dog!  When people found out that I had gotten a puppy just 7 days after my husband passed away, I got a lot of different reactions.  Of course, some people thought nothing of it and just wanted an invitation to cuddle my sweet puppy.  Others had a worried sense, questioning if I was going to be able to handle a puppy on my own while navigating my new normal.  Looking back, I can totally understand why people thought this way, but at the time I knew what I wanted and had a plan to get it.

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